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Does your hotel offer a quiet nights sleep?

It's highly likely that within your hotels positive reviews are comments by guests who have noted what a sound nights sleep they had during their stay. Having a room that offers peace and quiet could well be on the list of your prospective guests' priorities when choosing a place to stay.  However, if your fire alarm system can't reach 75 decibels near every bedside you could be risking a lethal fire hazard, significant fine and jail time.  Last year the owner of a hotel in Nottingham was given a prison sentence and fined £20,000 for Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order
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Fundamentally, all businesses should be committed to providing a safe working environment for their employees, with any potential fire hazards removed to prevent injury or loss of life. Yet every month companies are heavily fined for failing to comply with fire safety regulations under the Regulation Reform order 2005 section 9. Minor penalties can be a fine of up to £5,000. Major penalties can have unlimited fines and up to 2 years in prison. Just recently (Aug 2019) Ashgate Property Developments Ltd were fined £36,000 and forced to pay prosecution costs of £12,000. (source: Fire Industry Association). They were not
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Who’s responsible for Fire Safety?

Most small business owners typically feel responsible for every aspect of their operation. From customer service, data protection, budgeting, to waste disposal, there will be very few jobs that the owner hasn't had to do themselves at one point or another. So it's always nice to be able to rely on an expert to come in and take the responsibility off your hands. Right? Wrong! When it comes to fire safety, if you employ five people or more, your business will need to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment and you, as the business owner are likely to be the "Responsible
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