Protect your business, people and customers with integrated, compliant security solutions.

GEM Security Services

From CCTV, Access control, Fire detection and intruder alarms, our fully accredited team of engineers will have the security solution your business needs.

We know that managing a small business is a 24/7 job.

Our fully qualified GEM Design Engineers work daily with businesses like yours to identify the most effective security and cost solutions.

We'll guide you through the process from start to finish, offering strategic insights along the way to help you meet security your needs.

From straightforward installations to complex requirements, our Design Engineers have an expert understanding of design theory and practical implementation.

Do I need an integrated security solution?

• Do you manage two or more systems separately as part of your overall security scheme?
• Does your business have complex requirements?

An integrated solution combines four security disciplines in one centralised system simplifying your management process.

For example, linking your intruder alarm to your CCTV system and even incorporating an access control system. This will provide a secure hold on your operation via a streamlined scheme bespoke designed for your needs.

Additionally, our "integration" approach can combine legacy equipment with new technology to provide the most cost-effective solution.

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Why do I need to upgrade my CCTV system?

CCTV cameras offer easy and accessible video surveillance for small businesses.

Protecting your business with CCTV doesn't have to cost a fortune but can save you thousands of pounds in damage and loss. 

Modernising your system will give you several operational advantages, including:

• A higher resolution
• Faster movement speed
• IP is easier and more flexible than analogue
• Advanced analytics, including motion capture, object removal, object tracking, and time profiles. 

In addition to the technical advantages, there are many significant benefits a good quality CCTV system can bring to your business.

1. Crime Detection

Assisting the police in proving guilt, innocence and association. 

2. Staff and Public Safety 

CCTV is essential for the safety of your business users, enabling an early intervention by an appropriate person in an incident such as an assault or a violent shoplifter.

3. Crime Reduction

Crime reduction is directly linked to the ability to detect and prosecute offenders. 

4. Shop management

Some CCTV has a vital part to play in the management of a store, e.g. seeing the arrival of a delivery lorry. 

What is an Access Control system?

Access control refers to any system that can control and monitor authorised and unauthorised access of staff, visitors and trespassers to the perimeter of a facility or to secure areas within a facility.

You need an access control system that maximises your protection whilst enabling you to focus your attention on growing your business. 

Access control systems provide greater security for staff and visitors while restricting access to high security or confidential areas. 

The system can be integrated with several other security systems, including CCTV, door entry systems, intruder alarms, ANPR and fire systems.

Our fully qualified GEM Design Engineers will work with you to identify the best system for your business. 

Intruder Alarm

Whether it's a shop, a factory, or a garage, your business is always at risk from intruders. 

Unfortunately, criminals prey on businesses, but with one of our alarm systems, they won't get the chance to prey on yours.

Remember, an alarm system is not only essential for crime prevention but may be part of your insurance requirements.

Fire Alarms

Fires in the workplace occur for many reasons. 

From major industrial accidents to an employee leaving an untested phone charger on overnight, the net result can be the same, the devastation of your business and risk to life. 

In addition, failure to comply with fire regulations could result in a fine for the person responsible or worse. 

Our GEM Design Engineers are BAFE accredited and know how to create a system that will give your business the earliest detection and the best prevention against fire possible.

They will visit your business at a convenient time for you and walk you through the process step by step. 

We will then send you our recommendations on the right fire detection system to match your specific business needs. 

Our fully qualified GEM Design Engineers will work with you to identify the best system for your business. 

 Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation analysis of your business's security requirements.

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