Does your hotel offer a quiet nights sleep?

It's highly likely that within your hotels positive reviews are comments by guests who have noted what a sound nights sleep they had during their stay.

Having a room that offers peace and quiet could well be on the list of your prospective guests' priorities when choosing a place to stay. 

However, if your fire alarm system can't reach 75 decibels near every bedside you could be risking a lethal fire hazard, significant fine and jail time. 

Last year the owner of a hotel in Nottingham was given a prison sentence and fined £20,000 for Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 breaches and included failure to make appropriate fire safety arrangements, and the failure to routinely maintain the fire alarm and emergency lighting systems. (FIAUK.COM)

This type of incident is by no means an isolated case. 

At GEM we have worked with numerous Hoteliers, advising them on their fire safety, how to undertake a fire risk and effectively maintain their system to compliant standards. 

We typically work with the Hotel's nominated "responsible person" to address 3 common challenges. 



1. Designing A System To Keep Your Guests and Hotel Safe. 

Identifying the fire system that’s appropriate for your Hotel starts with undertaking an effective Fire Risk Assessment. 

If you are the nominated responsible person for your Hotel and are attempting to undertake the Fire Risk Assessment or deliver the measures required and do not fully understand what to do, then we recommend speaking to an accredited NSI fire safety professional. 

As the "Nominated Responsible Person" you will still be accountable for any issues, even if the third party you hire make the errors.

Typically the key issue we identify is that the original assessment and installation of the system has not been undertaken by a competent person which has significant knock-on effects as the outcome of your risk assessment will determine the necessary standard of Automatic Fire Detection system required, (typically an L2 Grade system automatic fire detection system)

Most premises providing sleeping accommodation will need automatic fire detection, which activates the fire warning systems.

Ensuring you have a Fire Risk Assessment and system designed by a qualified competent person is the first key step to ensuring your guests really can sleep well at night. 



2. Fire Alarm Decibel Levels

Law requires ensuring the fire alarm system is correctly designed to deliver the required decibel levels in all the key areas throughout the hotel. 

“ In sleeping areas, to ensure that people are woken, a sufficient sound level should be achieved at the head of the bed (i.e. 75dBA). This will usually mean the fitting of a sounder device in each bedroom". (HM Government - Fire Risk Assessment)

Research has shown that Voice alarms are becoming increasingly popular and can also incorporate a public address facility. However the message or messages sent must be carefully considered. It is therefore essential to ensure that voice-alarm systems are designed and installed by a person with specialist knowledge of these systems. 

A GEM NSI Qualified System Designer can test the decibel levels in all the key areas and inform you if your system needs developing. 



3. System Maintenance And Development

Designing and installing a compliant and effective system should by no means be regarded as the end of the process.

Your fire-warning and/or detection system should be supervised by a named responsible person, given enough authority and training to manage all aspects of the routine testing and scrutiny of the system. 

The control and indicating equipment should be checked at least every 24 hours to ensure there are no specific faults. All types of fire- warning systems should be tested once a week. 

Recently the owner of the Crown Hotel in Burnely was prosecuted for a range of problems which included the general maintenance and repair of fire alarm systems and evidence that a sufficient fire risk assessment had not been compiled and adequate fire doors had not been provided. (FIAUK.COM)

Ensure you and your guests can sleep well and safely

If you are concerned that the required decibel levels are not achieved in all rooms in your hotel or that your system may need maintenance by a professional then contact us for a Free, no-obligation Four-Step Security Review by one of our Accredited System Engineers please click here  (link to go here)

GEM is a BAFE approved company who will support you in managing and carrying out your commitments as the nominated "Responsible Person" to the required standards for your Hotel. 

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