GEM Security Services


GEM conducts a FREE Home Security Assessment for residential properties of all sizes

Our fully qualified and experienced NSI Gold Standard Operatives will conduct an analysis of the physical security of your home and provide you with a summary report with our recommendations. Our FREE Home Security Assessment is without obligation.

Step 1

Lifestyle Review

At the start of our visit to your home, our GEM System Designer will discuss with you your security concerns, any past security problems and your daily activities at the home.

Our goal is to deliver a system that protects your property and fits into your lifestyle rather then you having to change the way you live to fit in with an alarm.   

We’ll design, supply and install a burglar alarm system to suit your home – at whatever size you need.

Step 2

Perimeter Check

Next our GEM System Designer will undertake a full assessment of the external area of your property to identify potential intruder breach points.

The goal here is to recommend security solutions that will prevent a breach into your home.

We will guide you through:

1. Potential external entry points and perimeter risks.

2. Breach Detection equipment and what solutions will best fit your risk levels.

Step 3

Movement Control

Our internal analysis will cover security measures inside your home and assess a plan for movement control.

There are a number of key factors that we will discuss with you including:

  • The general flow of moment in the home.
  • Blind spot detection.
  • Pet management.
  • Prioritisation of High-Value Areas.

Step 4


Our System Designer will discuss with you any Insurance requirements you may have to ensure the systems we recommend will comply with it’s terms.

Most insurers recognise NSI approved companies and the systems they install.  Your insurer may ask for a copy of the NSI Certificate of Compliance as proof that installation work was conducted by an NSI approved company.

Check with your insurer whether a security alarm system installed and maintained by an NSI approved company. They may give you a discount on your insurance premium.

Fully Accredited

Wherever you’re based in South Wales, we’ll stop by for a free consultation.

Whatever you need, we’ll work with you to design a specialist system to fit your specifications.